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Panoplia Preprocessor is an easy-to-use application, designed and developed at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, designed for preprocessing and visualization of buildings based on conceptual static and/or dynamic analyses. PANOPLIA is a result of 30-year experience of the researchers, building science specialists and structural engineering engineers, who are trying to find the most effective and universal building models. Detailed description of PANOPLIA Preprocessor is provided in the attached description file. Please, read this file carefully to get a better understanding of PANOPLIA Preprocessor features. Please note that this application is only for educational purposes and therefore does not include any fee or support option in future. If you have any question please feel free to contact with us at Detail 2009-01-25 2009 16/09/2008 License Price Virus N/A Size N/A Uploaded 2005/11/04 Downloaded 13 2000 downloads Screenshots Sofware Features: Panoplia Preprocessor: Panoplia Preprocessor: 1. Preprocessor for PANOPLIA ( The free user edition of PANOPLIA (free version for academic use) uses Panoplia Preprocessor for building and structural analysis. 2. Includes the PANOPLIA preprocessor embedded in the application. The Panoplia Preprocessor is incorporated into the Modeling Framework, including all modeling and analysis functions available in the free version of PANOPLIA. PANOPLIA Preprocessor is a handy and reliable application where users have the appropriate tools to model a building's framework in an intuitive environmentalong with the means to visualize the resulting building's frame. Since the description of a complicated building is a time consuming and sometimes frustrating procedure, it is quite clear that PANOPLIA preprocessor offers a competitive advantage, due to its intelligent and holistic approach to the description process that treats structural elements as dynamic entities that interact and connect to each other in order to create the uniform frame of the building. The resulting model of the building may be easily exported to a number of appropriate applications for further static and dynamic analysis. Panoplia Preprocessor Description: Panoplia Preprocessor is an easy-to-use application, designed a5204a7ec7

NOTE 1: The PANOPLIA Preprocessor includes several views that display the different processes in a complete but concise way. This is a key feature of this application. NOTE 2: The concept of PANOPLIA Preprocessor is simple and straight forward. Users will be able to analyze a building's structure and reinforcement easily by taking advantage of PANOPLIA Preprocessor framework. 1. PANOPLIA Preprocessor screenshot NOTE 3: PANOPLIA Preprocessor can be divided into three main parts: PANOPLIA Preprocessor core, PANOPLIA Preprocessor GUI and PANOPLIA Preprocessor API. NOTE 4: PANOPLIA Preprocessor can be installed on your system and configured for your needs. 2. PANOPLIA Preprocessor core NOTE 5: The PANOPLIA Preprocessor core includes the following modules: Subsystem Panoplia core: The PANOPLIA Preprocessor core contains the PANOPLIA Preprocessor subsystem. The PANOPLIA Preprocessor core contains the building properties module, the utilities module and the GUI module. PANOPLIA Preprocessor building properties module This module is a building properties manager that assigns attributes to the frames of the building (which may be reinforced or not reinforced concrete) and the reinforcement (if any). The PANOPLIA Preprocessor building properties module allows the user to assign attributes to the frames of the building, the central slab frame, the columns, the strut columns, the floor slabs and the horizontal frame of the building's perimeter wall. Panel Properties: This module has the ability to display or hide the panels in the PANOPLIA Preprocessor GUI, in an intuitive manner. The panels are the main elements that PANOPLIA Preprocessor GUI presents to the user to describe a building. CONTAINER (ID MEMBER): This module is a container that allows the user to enter the identifiers (ID mbers) of the columns and floors. The ID member allows the user to make the frame's ID members unique. INTENTIONAL NODES (ID MEMBER): This module is a container that allows the user to enter the identifiers (ID members) of the reinforcement. The ID members allow the user to make the reinforcement ID members unique. PANOPLIA Preprocessor utilities module

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